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I've been having severe neck pain and headaches and 37.2 temperature for 3 days. Can I self medicate or do I need to visit a doctor ?

Dr. Adnaan S
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hi @AM . Thank you for your question!

Neck pain and headaches can be due to a variety of causes and they can be interlinked as well as what we refer to as a "cervicogenic headache" which might be what you are suffering from. 

You may want to have a trial of anti-inflammatories such as brufen or neurofen and muscles relaxants such as anarex. 

I would say that if it is disrupting your life, the pain is worsening and/or you develop any form of neurology such as weakness/numbness/imbalance/blurring vision you should visit your GP for a review. More often than not, the cause is likely due to either some form of physical activity or poor sleeping/sitting posture (in your age group). 

Hope this helps!
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