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I went to the doctor 1 month ago for itchy throat and nose, phlegm and loose stool. Doctor prescribed fluimucil, cough syrup, good bacteria, peach colour medicine for phlegm and running nose/allergy.

Same symptoms persists after 2 weeks but with difficulty breathing for 1 time everyday lasting about 10 minutes. Feels like vomiting in morning when I cough out the phlegm. Went back again to the same doctor. Dr diagnosed as acid reflux and prescribed domperidone, famotidine and gas coal. Now, I'm still having itchy and dry throat, blocked nose, phlegm, loose stool and occasional shortness of breath about 3 times a day. Should I go back to the same doctor or straight to the hospital since symptoms seems progressing? 
Dr. Adnaan S
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Hi @Jm , thanks for your question! 

From your explanation about your symptoms it does seem possible to be related to a form of reflux especially if it is lasting for such a long duration. To be honest what I find more concerning is that you are having loose stools persistently as well (I assume this happens several times a day). I would say your constitution of symptoms would require another review to look for other possibilities. Even more so if you have a significant family history of cancers/gastric issues such as IBD/IBS. At present it does sound like you are still able to carry out your daily activities though it is bothering you. Your GP may come wider referring you for a scope at a gastroenterologist. 

In terms of the gastric Illness, I do not see any alarming features that would warrant urgent ANE review which includes things such as vomiting blood/black tarry stools/bloody stools/significant abdominal pain/alternating bowel habits. 

Having said that given you are having persistent blocked nose in top of your throat itching cough and phlegm, this is inconsistent with a diagnosis of reflux (unless u have a history of sinus). Please discuss with your family doctor (after a physical exam) if there is an indication to send u for COVID testing! 

Hope this helps!  
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Thank you Dr. Adnaan