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If I’m experiencing excessive thirst for a week, what can that imply?

I feel very thirsty despite drinking water. The thirst is better when having meals and will resurface shortly after. With the intake of more liquids, I also go to the toilet  more frequently. I have gastric and bloating issues which my doctor said may be the cause. But should I be concerned about other underlying conditions? 
Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @Concerned thats a common question! The warmer temperature in Singapore this past week is a possible cause if you may have been outdoors or perspiring from activity often. Other common causes include changes in diet, perhaps if you may have been consuming more preserved food with all the social distancing measures in place. That being said, with the gastric and bloating issues, are there other symptoms like loose stools or giddiness? Other possible underlying conditions that are less likely include early onset diabetes.

If there are no other symptoms and you feel otherwise well, you may want to consider hydration and rest to observe for some time. However, if you are having other symptoms such as those highlighted above, or if the thirst/ gastric symptoms persist or progresses, you should have a physical review with a doctor. One of the tests they may consider is a fasting blood glucose test. So if you do proceed for a review, try to see them early in the morning and fast for 8 hours from the night before (avoid oral food/drink intake apart from plain water) in case they assess you and determine that you may need to go for testing.

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