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Is home teeth whitening kit effective?

Is home teeth whitening kit okay to do? Will it make my teeth sensitive? If yes, what is an affordable alternative to whiten teeth?
Dr. Beth S
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Hey @igotz99problemz 
Thank you for your enquiry! Home teeth whitening kit is safe as long as it has been HSA approved and best bought through a dental clinic. 

Sensitivity: Normal to experience some sensitivity, usually goes away after 24 hours post treatment. It helps to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth during the whitening kit period. There are also desensitizing tooth mousse available by prescription only which helps counter any sensitivity.

Ways to improve teeth colour 
  1. Scaling and polishing - dental cleanings help to remove superficial stains from food and drink that yellows the teeth. However this does not change the colour of the teeth. 
  2. Teeth whitening kits - there are different concentrations of the gel so if you’re concerned about sensitivity, it may be worth your while to get a milder concentration 
  3. Veneers and crowns - The concept of shaving off the top layer of the teeth afterwhich, a porcelain veneer is pasted on. Concept is like an acrylic nail. This is the most invasive of the three options. 
Hope this helps and have a great day!
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