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Is it harmful to take a second Ella Plan B pill 2 days after taking a first one?

Very unfortunately, I had 2 contraceptive failures within the short interval of 2 days which happened to be around Day 14 of my cycle. During the second time, I informed the doctor that the last time I took Ella was 2 days before, the doctor had concerns but prescribed it to me anyway (as I was at high chance of pregnancy). I would like to know if this will have harmful effects to my body since emergency contraceptives have such high doses of the hormone, and the 2nd dose would probably lead to an accumulation of the drug way above intended concentrations. I noticed that I have been breaking out more often than usual, but I would like to know if there is anything else I should be expecting
Dr. Kannan R
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Yes you are correct in a way to be experiencing some side effects if medicines like ella is taken twice in very short intervals.

But a good news is, ella has a half life ( the time taken for the drug concentration in the body to be halfed each time after consumption) is about 1 1/4 days ( 32 hours). So within 3-4 days, the drug levels should come down to negligible levels and you should be feeling back to normal.

As for your question whether Ella is harmful if taken  second time within 2 days, i would not say its harmful. There are instances where we do give it, though its rare. There is a high chance of contraceptive failure and the higher likelihood of side effects.

That being said, if you are still concerned about contraceptive failure, please look out for your menstrual cycle. If there are any signs that its being delayed, please see your family physician at the soonest possible.
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