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Is it possible to have covid 19 with mild cough and no fever for 2 weeks?

I started having an itchy throat 2 weeks leading to a constant need to cough during the day. It disappears once I fall asleep. I also had a slight sore throat for a couple days. Had some mild diarrhea, but I've also been taking 1000mg of vitamin C a day. No one else at home has shown any symptoms so far. I'm not aware of being in contact with anyone who had covid 19. What's the likelihood that I may have gotten it?
Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @Natedogg , according to data published by the CDC, about 80% of people with COVID-19 have mild disease. The symptoms you have could be due to COVID-19 or any number of viral or other causes.

The likelihood of COVID-19 depends on whether you had traveled the 2-4 weeks prior to onset of symptims and findings on examination such as your throat / lungs/ tummy.

In the current situatuon, I would recommend to have a physical review with a GP to determine your risk and any other course of action if required. Just to be safe, and to protect loved ones and others around you, do wear a mask 👍🏻

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I have not travelled outside Hong Kong in over a year. I did see my GP last week and he did not suspect Covid19 nor did he think I should get tested. That's why I'm on here to get another opinion.