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Holding breath: Is it a reliable test for Covid-19?

Hi AskDr, I received a forwarded message claiming that holding your breath every morning is a test to check if one has the COVID19. How true is this?
Dr. Adnaan S
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Hi @joheet , thank you for your question! 

Perhaps what the message is trying to convey is that if you are suffering from a condition that impairs your lung function, it would be more difficult to hold your breath. However this does not mean you have COVID /fibrosis and should not be used as a “test” for COVID. Some patients present with just upper respiratory tract symptoms which do not affect lung function/cause fibrosis. 

Also, fibrosis is usually a late and chronic change that indicates a long term medical condition in most situations. 

Overall I would say that one should not believe any “chain messages” and it would be better to look out for the advisories that are being sent by your governing healthcare body. There have also been rumours regarding the use of salt water/drinking hot water which have not been proven as methods to treat/prevent COVID.  

I hope this helps! 
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