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Is there a risk of coronavirus infection through salmon?

I read this article recently talking about an infection in Beijing linked to salmon. Is it safe to eat salmon sashimi? Could the virus spread through the fish to humans?
Dr. Adnaan S
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Hi @palmer , thank you for your question!

This is definitely one of the more recent debates regarding COVID. Unfortunately there isn't enough information available for us to definitively say that the infections in Beijing are a result of salmon imports. It is largely a possibility. As stated in the article, the virus itself was found on chopping boards in the market which, in all honesty, could have come from the population itself. Once more information is available then we can probably get a better idea of safety. 

The virus itself has not shown definitive cross species infection to fish thus far so I would say it is unlikely that it would spread from humans to fish and then back to humans. 

If you're really worried, then I would advise just to stay away from Salmon imported from Europe. 

Hope this helps!
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