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Is there any information about viral shedding of covid-19?

There have been reports of asymptomatic spreading and patients who continue to test positive for the virus even after recovery
Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @Sarah_tonin great question! However, this is a novel and ongoing outbreak and evidence is still emerging on the behaviour of the virus. Currently available epidemiological data points towards airborne transmission, although there is emerging evidence suggesting shedding in stool causing fecal-oral transmission as well (

Ultimately, the preventive measures to reduce chances of catching the virus remain the same in terms of practicing good hygiene, getting lots of rest/hydration, as well as seeking medical attention early and wearing a mask for those that develop suggestive symptoms.

To get the latest information as evidence becomes available, follow reliable and updated resources such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) website or the Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) channels such as this -
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