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Is there any way to permanently cure hives?

Is there any way to permanently cure hives?! I have been getting hive attacks frequently at my work place. I don't get it anywhere else. I'm pretty sure it's linked to environment - perhaps dust or something in the air that I'm sensitive to. Have been taking zyrtec to treat the symptoms. Is there a more permanent solution to reduce my hive attacks? I.e. is there anything I can take that would make me less sensitive to the.. air around me? Obviously avoiding the trigger environment isn't possible so just hoping there's some way to stop these attacks!!
Dr. Yan Y T
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Dear @b_itchy. You have likely correctly identified the trigger of your hive (urticaria). A skin prick test will help to identify the allergen that you are sensitive to. You might wish to consult your Family Physician/ designated workplace doctor to assist you in finding out the allergen and workplace modifications can possibly be done to reduce your exposure to the allergens.  Anti histamines such as zyrtec are safe for regular consumption and helps in treating urticaria. You might wish to take anti histamines prior to exposure of your allergens in order to prevent or reduce the severity of your urticaria. Hope this helps.
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