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Is this just residual old injury pain or should I make an appointment with my Ortho?

I tore my left SL ligament and had surgery to repair it in 2017. The past few months I have been experiencing gradually increasing pain that feels very similar (but not as severe) to the pain I felt pre surgery. I have been experiencing weakness in grip and weakness and pain when using my pinky and ring fingers esp. with typing and opening twisting containers. I have crepitus in both wrists. The scar and area around it have decreased feeling from nerve damage that never healed. I have been alternating tylenol and aleve and wearing my brace while I am using my computer on the days it hurts more and it seems to only help a little bit, I still feel discomfort. Should I make an appointment with my doctor or just stay with the home remedies?
Dr. Ramesh S
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It's been 3 years since the surgery. If there is pain and crepitus, you should get an Xray and MRI of the wrist to evaluate the current situation. 
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