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Is this normal?

Hello. I have had this problem for around 3 years. 3 years ago, I suddenly had the urge to urinate very often. Whenever I did go to the toilet, I will only pass a little amount. The feeling did not go away even after using the toilet. I did a urine test once and my doctor said that there was no infection and I just had to regulate it. Currently, the urge has reduced but I only feel comfortable going out while wearing a pantyliner (in case I have to hold it in for long and i’m afraid of leakage) and I still have the feeling of wanting to pass motion at all times. Any suggestions?
Dr. Tan Y S .
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Dear @cpqsa  I'm a breast surgeon, but I can advise a bit on this woman's health concern. From what you share, do make an appointment to see a urologist, or a uro-gynaecologist. Urge incontinence, or frequency has several causes- may be weak/sensitive bladder muscle, small stone, mild infection, or rarely, a kind of early bladder cancer. Off hand, I believe you will need some urine tests, and maybe even more specialist tests by the urologist. Your doctor might also need to check for diabetes.  If this info helps, I refer patients to Dr Shirley Bang, or Dr Tricia Kuo for such a condition. 
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