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Knee pain only when running

Hi, early this year, I decided to go for a run and accidentally pushed myself harder than usual. After that I have knee pain but only lasted for 1 day. However since then, whenever I run again, my left knee started to hurt quite bad after 3 mins. I have tried other activities such as long distance walking, cycling, squatting but the knee pain doesn't occur. May I ask what problems am I having and how to treat it? Will a knee compression sleeve prevent my knee pain from occurring during running?
Dr. Ken J T
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Hi Victor,  this is usually a symptom of kneecap pain (patellofemoral pain). Running puts a lot of stress on the kneecap. If you are happy to modify your exercises to doing cycling and walking then that’s fine. Otherwise if you would like to return to running it would be good to get your knee checked by an orthopaedic/sports Dr to recommend treatments for kneecap pain.
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