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Lower backpain

Hi doctor, need your assistance for above mentioned. How to cure the lower backpain. I was suffering from few years bcaz these pain. 
Dr. Hamid R
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Dear @Joseph ,
Thank you for your question. I am sorry to hear that you have been troubled by low back pain for a few years. Low back pain is a very prevalent problem across the world. There are may causes of low back pain. We would need more information about your symptoms. This coupled with the signs that we find on physical examination would then allow us to make an informed diagnosis. Since you have been troubled by the pain for a few years now, I would encourage you to see a doctor. Details on the following will be very useful for the attending doctor:
1. How did the pain start?
2. Was there any trauma/injury?
3. Is it a sharp pain or dull ache?
4. Where in the back is it located?
5. Has it always been there or does it ‘come and go’?
6. At its worst, how bad is the pain from a scale of 0-10?
7. At its best, how bad is the pain from a scale of 0-10?
9. Does the pain shoot down either leg?
10. Do you have any numbness or weaknenss in either leg?
11. Do you have any trouble passing urine or motion?
12. Is your walking affected?
13. Is your sleep affected?

The most common cause of low back pain is usually an injury to muscles or ligaments of the back which usually recovers with rest and physiotherapy. With age, the spine undergoes degeneration (lumbar spondylosis) and this can cause pain too. 
I hope the above information is helpful. For a start, avoid lifting heavy weights and observe good posture and back care habits. You can do some core strengthening exercises (easily found off the web) as well as stretching exercises for the back while waiting to see your doctor. Take care!

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