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lumpy firm area around surgical incision site


I'm 4 weeks post-op hand surgery for flexor tendon repair & digital nerve repair for the ring finger. I have this lumpy area (quite firm & raised) of prominence around my surgical incision site. I can't make a fist all the way with my ring finger without feeling like a "ball inside in my hand" impeding ROM because of the raised area.

-Is this normal? 

-Will this flatten out over time, to a point where I'd be able to make a fist without the ball in hand feeling?

-Is what I have considered hypertrophic or keloid scarring?

All the hand surgery scars I see online are all flat so that's why I'm so concerned because mine is so raised and hard.
Dr. Ken J T
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Hello, it looks like the skin scar itself is ok, but that there is a lump internally. This is most likely due to scarring over the tendon repair internally, and is quite common. You may want to work with a hand therapist especially if your motion is still  impeded. It generally should improve with time. Hope that helps!
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Thanks doc!
whats the general timeline for the scar improvement?

 how long will it usually take for it to flatten out? or will i always have a firm lump in my hand, albeit a little smaller?

I was reading online that you can't get rid of scar tissue once it's formed.