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May i know what is recommended sea sick meds for children ages 10 and below?

Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @Gitangkim medications for sea sickness fall in the category of drugs for motion sickness, such as Hyoscine/Scopolamine or Dimenhydrinate, that can be administered before the journey. If your child is prone, you may want to visit a doctor for a physical review to confirm motion sickness through detailed discussion, ensure there is no organic cause for the symptoms, and select the best medication/dosage for your child. Other general non-medical measures to help reduce motion sickness include the following; 1) Look forward out of the vehicle at a fixed point ahead ("visual horizon") 2) Avoid looking at stationary objects while in the boat (e.g. book, screen of handphone/game boy) 3) Lying down (recline) with eyes closed If your child has already seen a doctor for examination to exclude organic causes previously, and just requires a top-up of the medication standby, you can try using a teleconsultation for this review. If the doctor evaluates your child and determines that that he is suitable for top-up, he may be able to prescribe it online. Apps such as provide this service, and can also deliver any required medications to your doorstep. Hope this helps!
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