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My mother experiences pain when the nerves of her neck pressed

My mother is 58 years old. She experiences pain when the nerves of her neck are pressed. She also has pain in her right wrist - I am uncertain if it's Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or if the pain originates from the neck. All of her fingers on both hands are bloated/swollen, and cannot be bent fully. It seems that she has trigger fingers across all her fingers. My mother refuses to visit the doctor nor the physiotherapist. What can I do to treat my mother fully? Thank you very much.
Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @ThankYou sorry to hear about your mother's ordeal! Unfortunately this is a condition she needs to seek a medical review with a doctor for early. It cannot be treated symptomatically until potential serious causes are excluded by an examination and further tests if needed. These causes include lymphedema, which can be an indication of problems affecting the lymph nodes that may progress/worsen if she delays. Please encourage her to at least go for a check up.
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