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Is it safe for people with diabetes and on Asprin to take the Covid vaccine?

My mum is 76. She has diabetes and is on Aspirin for blood thinning. She’s just been invited for Vaccination. Is she good to go? Thank you Doctor.
She has been on diabetic medication for more than 20 years and had part of her left foot amputated because of diabetes. She’s also on various medication for blood thinning and others. There are concerns with family members on the side effects, if there is, on her condition. Please advise Doctor. 
Dr. Yan Y T
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Dear @nomanmarsuni Your mother belongs to the high risk group as she is elderly and has chronic conditions like diabetes. She will have poorer outcome in the unfortunate event if she contracts covid-19. 

It is recommended that she undergoes the covid-19 vaccination. However the vaccination center will definitely check on her medical and medication history thoroughly to ensure that she is suitable for vaccination before proceeding. You may wish to proceed to book her Covid-19 vaccination. 

Please be reminded to press on her vaccination site longer as she is on blood thinners, to prevent a big bruise on the injection site. Hope this helps.
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Dear Dr Yan. 

Thank you very much for your reply and recommendation. It is heartened to know that she can receive the shot, depending on the medical assessment. As one of her 7 children, we only want the best and shield for her to get through this pandemic. 

We’ve registered her. Thank you again.