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My son was diagnosed with COVID 11 days ago. He has no symptoms but testing positive. What is the average number of days for a 22 year old to test negative? Can one get a negative and then positive?

COVID test results 
Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @RAS the average number of days can vary based on the test being used and clinical factors associated with the patient. Therefore the advice for testing is tailored to each individual case by the attending doctor.

Currently, the virus has entered community spread and there are reports of patients with re-infections. Therefore, it is certainly possible to get a negative test and then positive again depending on this and abovementioned factors surrounding performance of the test.

Ultimately, due to the large number of variables involved, the best way to manage risk in this situation are strict social distancing and hygiene measures just in case of any infection (unresolved or recurrent), particularly to protect vulnerable individuals such as the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions like lung diseases.
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