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Persistent coughing

I have dry coughing persistently for months since even before the CORVID-19 situation, feels like a bit of water went down the wrong pipe and I cough it out.
Cough is not intense but very annoying.
Typically will not cough 1 or 2 hours after I wake up.
Had took some medication for suspected acid reflux but didn't help.

I also have another issue where I have a constant pain on the left side of my bladder area when I am diving, it starts being a negligible irritation which I assumed was caused by the harness, but grew more painful the longer I stay underwater and comes back faster the next dive. I am worried it will affect my next trip as I intend to continue diving. Should I see someone about it or can I wait for the next trip and see if the pain still comes?

Thanks in advance!
Dr. Dinesh G
Space Doctor
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Hi @GTH thank you for the questions here!

With respect to the cough issue, it does sound like reflux is the likely cause. However, given the failure of therapy you should have a review with a GP or consider a specialist to explore further testing. There are some causes of chronic cough that can progress and become debilitating if not addressed at the early stage. You could save some time to decide the best possible course of action throughh a detailed discussion using telemedicine - more on this here:

With respect to the left sided pain, this can have many possible causes from muscular strain to diving issues like the “bends” depending on the methods and depth of practice. I would recommend to review with a GP in-person for this (given that should any issue become severe while diving it could rapidly result in an emergency) so they can examine your abdomen/bladder and hip to determine if there are any issues that could impact diving.
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