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Question about an ankle sprain

I had a nasty ankle sprain about 6 weeks ago, and have sought medical attention.  This was an inversion where I rolled it and went down - I could of sworn I heard a click or pop at the time.  I have since had Xrays to confirm there was NOT a break and have started physical therapy about 2 weeks ago.  My question is if I should be worried at this point - I still have quite a bit of pain on both the posterior ankle bone and on the top of the foot.  I can put weight on it and mostly walk, but still end up using a cane of crutch.  
Dr. Ken J T
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Hello, sorry to hear about your injury! Inversion injuries (rolling the ankle) are very common injuries. If you felt a pop, then the most frequent issue would be a tear in the lateral ankle ligaments (ATFL). Generally if you can weight bear and the X-rays don’t show any fractures then it should be reasonably safe to continue to rehab and Physiotherapy for now. You may want to return to your physician for a check up in another few weeks to see if things are recovering as planned. Further tests and imaging might be needed if the ankle doesn’t sort itself out by then. 

One other small thing - if the pain on the top of the foot is quite significant then you probably want to get that assessed separately from the ankle as well. This is because sometimes when we roll our ankle we may also injure ligaments or bones in the foot. 
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