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Recommended Supplements for Liver Health?

I have been doing some research into supplements to take for liver health. I have read that Milk Thistle seems to be a popular supplement ingredient. There are quite a lot of liver supplements in the market with this ingredient. Is there any reliable one? I do not have any liver health problems at the moment, I am more interested for prevention, or at least anything that might help slightly. Although I understand the biggest factors will be diet and lifestyle. 
Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @Iamking Milk Thistle is a type of weed and is sometimes also called "Silymarin" which is a chemical derived from parts of the plant like its seed, and it is believed to help with liver related conditions, particularly with poisoning from some mushrooms that affect the liver ("Hepatotoxic"). However, medical-grade studies of it and the other "liver supplements" have not yielded any conclusive benefits.

That said, you're absolutely spot on! Healthy diet and exercise is the best defence for good liver health, not forgetting also the importance of managing alcohol consumption and drinking only in moderation. More about it at this link here:

Other measures you can take to ensure good liver health include safe sex and ensuring your hepatitis vaccinations are up to date, these include hepatitis A vaccination if you are traveling to "high risk" regions. Speak to your GP about this especially if you're traveling to any rural regions or developing countries. Hope this helps!
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