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Sharp pain behind the knee

I've visited an orthopedic and had MRI done on my right knee. Doctor says it was a slight meniscus tear and something to my knee cartridge. However, he says surgery is an option, but it doesn't guarantee a full recovery. The pain is felt right behind the knee and feel it worse after walking on it for a while and when I stretch it with a straight leg. The pain has been there for 6+months and I am worried that it continues to persist. Would appreciate any feedback. 
Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @IvanM24 thank you for the question. Yes that is correct, knee injuries affecting the cartilage and/or meniscus can certainly present in this manner. Persisting pain despite such a long period of rest can indicate a surgery may be required, and for certain injuries,  a trial of physiotherapy may help as well. Between these options, the Orthopaedic specialist would be able to give a definite recommendation based on findings in your MRI. Hope this helps!
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