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Sinusitis problem

1. I feel my nose partition is bent. Though my nose is not block, I always feel uncomfortable and heavy head. Most of the time I need vicks inhaler to get rid off sleepy situation. I am quite addicted to it. I have bad dust allergy, instantly I will have a headache if I exposed to dust even lint. 

2. Using mask make me dizzy and difficult to take breath as I feel all the lints from the mask go inside my nose. 
Do you think it is for sinus or lungs problem? BTW 2 years ago, I had a chest x-ray for other purpose but doctor never mentioned about any lung problem. 

Some problem may sound small, but if can affect our everyday performance. 

Appreciate your advice. Thank you. 🙏
Dr. Kannan R
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Hi @Tani 

1) Your main complaint sounds like a septal ( the  internal part which separates the left and right nostril) deviation. If you had any injury in the past, this could be a possibility too. This at times can be related with slightly higher likelihood with allergic rhinitis .  Simple anti histamines like Cetrizine or prescription nasal sprays might be helpful. If symptoms are persistent and worsening , would need a review by an ENT specialist to take a closer look inside.

2)  sounds like an allergic problem. As long as there is no fever, shortness of breath or cough when you are not wearing the masks and symptoms of shortness of breath and dizziness only appear when you the wear the mask , then it’s most likely related to the mask itself. If you are using a cloth or cotton mask - there is higher chances of it. Did you manage to try surgical masks to see whether the symptoms appear with those as well? 

Hope this helps .
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Hi Dr Kannan,

Thanks for your advice. I will take some antihistamines. 

I had a bad hit on my nose at my teenager time, as there was no bleeding or  injury from outside, didn't check it further. 

Surgerical mask is better than cloth mask, I could wear longer. But it is hard to find now. 

Thank you again. 
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