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There are more than 800 Covid-19 patients who have been categorized as clinically fit. I assume these are people who have the virus but are either not showing symptoms or have very mild symptoms

If they continue to stay fit but still test positive in the months ahead, they will not be able to return home.  What will MOH do with them?  Surely, they cannot be quarantined forever.
Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @Shawn that is correct, patients that remain positive on re-testing will continue to be quarantined until they recover. They will need to test negative on consecutive days before being discharged as a safety measure to protect others in the community. The MOH DMS recently gave an interview about this which is covered in this article:

As you can see here from the MOH data dashboard, most patients eventually test negative and have been discharged:

For the few that do not, some eventually progress and end up requiring more advanced care and support. Having this group of patients under quarantine also affords added benefits for them - of closer monitoring and earlier intervention in the event they do deteriorate. Hope this helps!
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