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Tips on healing serious Back Acne & Scars

Hi Doctor! I’ve tried using back acne body wash that has salicylic acid and also maintain a clean environment such as frequent bed sheet wash and wearing clean shirts but they all aren’t seem to be working. Do I have a problem with my diet or is it because of hormones? I’m 23 this year and I’ve been facing this problem, on and off since 17. Your advice is much appreciated. Thank you! 
Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @Kelly  acne has many contributing factors, including genetics and hormones. Hormones as you alluded to commonly lead to acne in the teen years due to changes around puberty. That aside, hygiene and diets high in processed, suger-rich foods have also been highlighted in the medical literature as contributing causes.

It sounds like you have already adopted extensive hygiene measures, and as for diet, keeping well hydrated and minimising consumption of processed, suger-rich foods like bubble tea would be beneficial. There are several prescription medications that are vitamin A derivatives which can certainly help, however they have some considerations such as not being safe for individuals trying to get pregnant. Ultimately, given the extent of acne and scarring you describe, you may want to visit your GP for a review and detailed discussion about these potential oral treatment options that may help get the condition under control.  Hope this helps!
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