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What contraceptive should I use?

When my bf and I get intimate, there is no penetration as his penis just touches my vagina. He does not ejaculate in me. Would a condom be sufficient to prevent pregnancy and STDs? 
Dr. Quah S
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Hi @gurlie, condoms are quoted in medical literature to be 98% effective in preventing pregnancy, provided they are used correctly. By correct usage, I mean that the condom has to be put on from the start to the end of sexual activity, including oral, anal and vaginal sex. Even before ejaculation, some semen might come out of the penis, so it is safer to put on the condom right at the beginning, and even if there is no penetration.
Condoms is not merely sufficient to prevent STDs. It is the only contraceptive that is effective in preventing STDs. All other methods - the oral contraceptive pill, arm implant, intrauterine device and injectable hormonal contraceptive do not prevent STDs.
To further decrease the chance of pregnancy, especially if there is penetration, you can use condoms together with another hormonal contraception.
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