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What happens if I leave dry eyes without being lubricated?

I am frequently sitting in front of a screen and my eyes feel really dry. If I don't have eye drops on me and I fail to lubricate it, are there any long term implications?
Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @briantoh thats a great question! In general, not to worry, there are no long-term implications aside from the discomfort you would experience. That being said, it is not normal for a 27-year-old to develop dry eyes. You may want to consider some work-place modifications. One piece of advice - especially for those whose work involves long hours in front of a screen - is to take plenty of visual breaks. After 1-2hrs of computer work, make it a point to take a 5 minute break to stare outside a window to something in the distance to "rest your eyes". It is easy to get overly engrossed in computer work and strain your eyes. It may be the case that in your focus you may be "forgetting to blink". Give Visual breaks a try, and if that doesn't help the dry eyes, you may want to get it checked out by an optometrist or eye specialist physician at least once. Symptoms that should prompt you to review with a health professional early would be eye pain, blurring of vision, rash, or dryness in other areas such as the mouth. Hope this helps!
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@dinesh thanks doctor! that really clears things up for me, will give it a try! 🍻