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When I bite down on my lower right molar, it feels very sensitive. What's your advice? Do I need an X-ray or how do I find out if it's fine?

This has been going on for a while and my last check up didn't flag up anything major.
Dr. Beth S
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Hey Sylvia! Thanks for the question. Tooth sensitivity when you bite down could be due to 1. Hard Brushing - brushing your teeth too hard can lead to sensitivity 2. New cavities / leaking fillings 3. Gum inflammation 4. Cracked tooth syndrome My advice would be to visit your local dentist and describe your symptoms as well as to include any relevant pain history if this sensitivity in the lower right molar has happened before. You will probably need to take a dental x-ray to check the internal structure of the tooth as well. Hope you feel better soon! Regards Dr Beth Seow
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