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When should I do the HPV vaccination?

Hi doctor, I am 21 years old this year. A lot of my friends have been taking the HPV vaccinations recently. Should I also get it done, and when should I get it done? Thank you! 
Dr. Quah S
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Hi @alexis , yes I would heartily recommend all young ladies like yourself to get a HPV vaccine. Cervical cancer is a common cancer in ladies. Thankfully with the advent of pap smears and HPV vaccine, the cervical cancer rates and associated death rate have come down. It is one of few cancers that can be prevented with a vaccine. The reason is that most cervical cancers are caused by HPV. Thus preventing HPV infection will greatly reduce your risk of cervical cancer in future.
So yes you should get it done!
When? As soon as you are ready! The best time to get vaccinated is actually before you become sexually active. This is the reason why the HPV vaccine is offered to Secondary School girls today, and is part of the national childhood immunisation schedule. But even if you are already sexually active, it is good to get the HPV vaccine as soon as possible.
The vaccine series consist of 3 doses given at 0, 2 and 6 months.
There are currently 3 types of HPV vaccine in Singapore - Cervarix, Gardasil 4 and Gardasil 9. They differ in the number of strains of HPV the vaccine confers protection against. Gardasil 9 gives the greatest protection. However it is also the most expensive and is currently not Medisave claimable. Do talk to your GP to discuss and find out more.
The below HealthHub site gives a good summary of HPV and cervical cancer prevention.
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Thank you for the very detailed explanation Dr Quah!!! It is very clear and well explained. Appreciate it!! :))