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Why my fingers are twitching?

I am a sugar patient and I do take insulin twice a day. My sugar level is a bit high on the higher side . The problem is from few days my thumb and two fingers have started twitching, what’s the reason behind it. I am afraid nothing serious is that
Dr. Adnaan S
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Hi @Sweet3 , thank you for your question!

Finger twitching is rather non specific but you are right that it can be signs of early disease or complications related to diabetes (though unlikely). Most causes are likely just related to stress/anxiety/food products(caffine containing)/minor muscular sprains. 

It would require a bit more history to determine the cause but given the relatively short duration, I would not be too worried of a serious medical cause for now. 

However, if it persists for a long duration (> a month) or sudden worsening (such as inability to control your movements, clumsiness of hands, loss of sensation, weakness) I would advise you to see your medical practitioner for as such a complaint would often require a full consult and examination of your neurological status (nerves) at the very least. 

Hope this helps for now! 
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