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Will acupuncture help my ear problems?

Hi, I have been hearing buzzing noises (kind of like someone blowing into a microphone) everytime I talk. It does not affect my hearing but sometimes it feels uncomfortable to hear the buzzing noises everytime I talked (I dont think its tinnitus because its not constant noise. It's specifically when I talk/hum). I told the ENT specialist that I went to and he did some hearing and pressure tests and the result is normal so no treatment was given. I did some google search and thought that this may be an issue with the muscles inside the ear so I am thinking of taking acupuncture for this. Do you think acupuncture might help? Or is there any alternative therapy that I can try to fix this issue? 

P.S. Not sure if this had got to do with that but I had neck spasms around 2 months ago and shortly after that this issue comes along. Since that incident my left shoulder also felt stiff without any reason so I was also thinking to take acupuncture for that as well.
Dr. Ram J
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Hi @sky9929, this is a very interesting question that you asked. Tinnitus is defined as perceiving sounds despite there being no external source. In that context, the symptoms that you describe are compatible with tinnitus. The problem with tinnitus, as you mentioned, is that the cause is often hard to find and even harder to treat. 

While there have been many studies done to evaluate the use of acupuncture in tinnitus, the evidence has been equivocal and not convincing. Having said that, it might be worthwhile to give it a try as acupuncture is relatively safe with few side effects and treatment options for tinnitus are limited anyway. 

Your neck spasms and shoulder pain might not necessarily be related to your tinnitus, but nonetheless, acupuncture can be helpful for such musculoskeletal conditions. All the best and take care! :)
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