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Wondering if I should be concerned with my belly flab/where to start in reducing it?

I'm about 165cm and never been over 65kg, was underweight for most of childhood but I've always had a pinchable flabby bulgy stomach. My health is generally quite normal but I was wondering if this is a risk factor/indictor for some sort of potential underlying issue/something I need to be wary of? How should I approach reducing it as well, if not for health then more for cosmetic reasons? 
Dr. Dinesh G
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Hi @Tofifee yes belly fat and measures such as waist circumference (WC) have described associations with body mass index (BMI) and abdominal obesity (AO). These translate to poor long-term health (TL;DR for the medical jargon: increased long-term risk of mortality and metabolic syndrome-related conditions such as heart disease). 

Therefore, there are plenty of health reasons to address this. Fortunately, you are young and have the opportunity to gradually work on this issue over time. Unless you have any underlying medical issues, I would start with dietary modifications to increase fruits/vegetables and decrease oily food/animal fat. If possible, incorporating some exercise in your daily routine 3-5 times a week would also be helpful, perhaps regular sessions with your friends at the gym, cycling, or group activities like team sports.

I understand you are also concerned about the cosmetic aspect of this issue. There are certainly options such as "fat freeze" which will depend on your body profile - you can speak about this in greater detail with an Aesthetic physician. However, these procedures have not been proven to help address the underlying health risks associated with this problem. Therefore, given your young age, my recommendation would be to give the diet and activity modifications a good try as these will also improve your overall health, even if you chose to proceed with cosmetic procedures in tandem.
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