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Would I get a Stay Home Notice if I visit a clinic with a flu and fever?

If yes, is the SHN duration standard?
Dr. Yan Y T
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Dear @b_itchy Yes you will be issued a 5 days MC which is equivalent to an SHN if you present with upper respiratory tract infection.

If the clinic is a Public Health Preparedness Clinic, Swab and Send Home Clinic, patients aged 13 years and above will be offered to do a COVID-19 swab at your first presentation. Alternatively, you might be refered to another location to undergo the COVID-19 swab test.  
If you agree to undergo the swab, MC/ SHN duration will be minimum 3 days to allow time for the COVID-19 results to be out. Once the results are out, you can check the results on healthhub and you will receive an SMS from MOH. 

You will need to stay at home for the whole duration of 5 days MC or till you receive the COVID-19 swab result that says you are COVID-19 negative before you can leave your house. Hope this helps.
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