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Yellow ball found lodged in my gum.

Hi Doctor, recently I discovered this yellow ball-like thing lodged into my gum at the area of my unerupted wisdom tooth, and it took me awhile to remove it with my interdental brush. It has a bad smell to it. Is this a sign that I should remove my wisdom teeth? 
Dr. Beth S
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Hey Gabriel! 

Thank you for your question. A few things to consider, 
1. When did it start? 
2.Does it hurt? 
3. Any past pain or history of infection where th ball is? 

Sometimes, a yellow ball in gum, could refer to an active infection from a tooth causing the pus to collect and form a sac which look like a ball in the gum. However it could also be something else, so I would advise that if is persists please go to your dentist to get it checked out. 

Dr Beth   
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