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Dentistry, a branch of medicine related to teeth, gums and all things mouth related. Studies have shown that oral health is just as important as overall health such as gum disease relating to diabetes and heart conditions. Sleep medicine has also shown that your oral health also has a part to play in giving you a good nights sleep! In this space, we discuss the A-Zs of dentistry from what to do with a toothache, how to get that perfect smile and also how to improve your sleep with dentistry!
Join us in discussions relating to dental issues including, but not limited to, bridges, cavities, crowns, orthodontics, and x-rays.
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  6. Hi there,

    I would be very happy to treat you if you are looking specifically for neuromuscular management for TMJ pain. Please kindly let me know the severity of your pain as this will decide if you can be seen at a dental clinic during the Circuit Breaker Period.

    please kindly contact [email protected]
    Dr. Samintharaj K
    Space Doctor
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  8. Hey Gabriel! 

    Thank you for your question. A few things to consider, 
    1. When did it start? 
    2.Does it hurt? 
    3. Any past pain or history of infection where th ball is? 

    Sometimes, a yellow ball in gum, could refer to an active infection from a tooth causing the pus to collect and form a sac which look like a ball in the gum. However it could also be something else, so I would advise that if is persists please go to your dentist to get it checked out. 

    Dr Beth   
    Dr. Beth S
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  10. Hey Cyeap! 
    Thank you for your question. 
    It’s always best to rinse with mouthwash then wait 30’mins before rinsing with water or eating or drinking anything just to give your mouth that time to absorb the antibacterial benefits from the mouthwash. Hope that helps! 

    Dr Beth
    Dr. Beth S
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  12. ??? :/
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  14. Hey @igotz99problemz 
    Thank you for your enquiry! Home teeth whitening kit is safe as long as it has been HSA approved and best bought through a dental clinic. 

    Sensitivity: Normal to experience some sensitivity, usually goes away after 24 hours post treatment. It helps to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth during the whitening kit period. There are also desensitizing tooth mousse available by prescription only which helps counter any sensitivity.

    Ways to improve teeth colour 
    1. Scaling and polishing - dental cleanings help to remove superficial stains from food and drink that yellows the teeth. However this does not change the colour of the teeth. 
    2. Teeth whitening kits - there are different concentrations of the gel so if you’re concerned about sensitivity, it may be worth your while to get a milder concentration 
    3. Veneers and crowns - The concept of shaving off the top layer of the teeth afterwhich, a porcelain veneer is pasted on. Concept is like an acrylic nail. This is the most invasive of the three options. 
    Hope this helps and have a great day!
    Dr. Beth S
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  16. Hey Joheet! Thank you for your question. Grinding while sleeping happens to many of us and the intensity / frequency tends to be due to stress. It is important to treat and address active grinding to prevent long term fatigue of your muscles and jaw joint (temporomandibular joint) so here are some suggestions: 1. Night guard : soft / medium / hard / duo layer bilaminate find one that works for you and wear it. grinding down the guard is better than grinding down your teeth 2. Botulinium Toxin A aka Botox to the Jaw (masseter) muscle: helps to get the muscle relaxed and often decrease the force of grinding. Though not a long term solution, it is effective in reprogramming your subconscious state of mind. 3. Good sleep hygiene: No television / phones / psychological stimulants for 30 minutes before bedtime. A highly stimulated mind before bedtime has a tendency towards more grinding while sleeping as well. I hope this helps and feel free to reach out if you have more questions. Warm regards Dr Beth Seow BDS Ireland Hons
    Dr. Beth S