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  1. What can I use AskDr for?
AskDr is a consumer-facing platform for users to ask medical questions and access reliable health-related content or events. We provide volunteer doctors with scalable digital tools to help the public and address misinformation online.
  1. Can I use AskDr to diagnose my medical problem or get a prescription for medications or MC?
AskDr provides users an avenue to ask volunteer doctors generic questions/advice. It is not designed for making diagnosis or developing a treatment plan for patients.
This is more suited to the many available teleconsultation apps that charge a fee to connect a patient with a doctor privately to have an in-depth medical consultation for personalised recommendations. While we aim to partner with such an app in future to help patients access these services, AskDr does not provide teleconsultation using our platform.
  1. How is AskDr different from Teleconsultation?
The AskDr platform is designed to be a one-stop digital community for patients to access reliable medical information regarding areas of interest they may have, and to connect with providers or other patients with similar illnesses to share about their experience or coping strategies.
  1. Right, so what kind of questions can I address on AskDr?
Common questions patients ask include uncertainties about the reliability of specific online sources of medical information, which healthcare setting/specialist(s) to seek care for a given medical problem, administrative/logistical questions about healthcare, and the nature of or treatment options for a given illness.
  1. How would I know if this is a real doctor?
Volunteer doctors are able to submit their application with AskDr to be verified as licensed medical professionals. Once completed, their verification is clearly reflected with the green "verification tick" beside their name.