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  2. Dear Wenda, a person's baseline body temperature may fluctuate quite a bit, depending on time of day, activity level, where the temperature was taken and the type of thermomter used!  However, T 38...
    Dr. Yia S T
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  6. Dear @curiousdaughter I am sorry to hear about your mum's condition.
    For a more thorough answer, please accompany your mother to the next appointment with the medical oncologist (not the surgeon...
    Dr. Yia S T
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  8. Dear @jaey  I totally feel you! I have never managed to make time to exercise while I was in training to be a specialist. Now ironically, even though I'm busier with a young family, a private pract...
    Dr. Yia S T
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  10. Hi @alexis , yes I would heartily recommend all young ladies like yourself to get a HPV vaccine. Cervical cancer is a common cancer in ladies. Thankfully with the advent of pap smears and HPV vacci...
    Dr. Quah S
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  13. Hi Michuang,

    Thanks for your query. Kneecap pain is very common in active young people and tends to affect ladies quite commonly too. It’s usually due to increased pressure on the kneecap ca...
    Dr. Ken J T
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  21. Hi @Sweet3 , thank you for your question!

    Finger twitching is rather non specific but you are right that it can be signs of early disease or complications related to diabetes (though unlikel...
    Dr. Adnaan S