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  3. Dear @jxsim Chest pain with breathlessness can be signs of serious conditions such as heart attack, pneumothorax. It is slightly reassuring to know that you have gotten blood tests and ECG performed which are normal. However I will still advise you to visit the nearest Emergency department to get further evaluation or call 995 if still feeling unwell. You will likely benefit from an Xray of the chest that can be performed in the Emergency Department as well. Hope this helps
    Dr. Yan Y T
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  5. Dear @waqashassn Throat discomfort is one of the symptoms of COVID-19 infection. You might wish to consult a doctor early and get a COVID-19 swab performed to rule out any COVID-19 infection. Hope this helps.
    Dr. Yan Y T
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  7. Hello Rocky, sounds like you sustained an injury to the Achilles which may have led to some persistent tendinitis in the tendon. Treatment is certainly available and can range from physiotherapy, injections to surgery depending on the severity. Would be good to get it checked out by a sports or ankle specialist. 
    Dr. Ken J T
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  19. Dear @jamazecia2730 You should avoid oily food as the gallbladder acts a temporary storage of bile, to be released upon an intake of fatty/ oily food. If one's gallbladder has been removed, there will be no reservoir of bile being stored temporarily in our body to cope with oily food intake. Therefore it is advisable to reduce intake of oily, fried , fatty food in their diet. Hope this helps.
    Dr. Yan Y T
  20. PCN GP Annual Grand Conference 2020

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