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  4. Dear @eduardo-swift . You might wish to consult a dermatologist who will be able to do a physical examination of your body and perform scabies scrape to confirm any presence of scabies. Treatment would depend on the diagnosis. Hope this helps.
    Dr. Yan Y T
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  6. Dear Sandaramei, Yes you are still able to get pregnant depending on the location and size of your fibroids and ovarian cysts. You might wish to consult your gynaecologist for an ultrasound scan to determine the location of any fibroids and ovarian cysts for a personalised discussion. It might also be reassuring to know that there are 2 ovaries a female reproductive system and if 1 ovary is really affected due to ovarian cysts, the other ovary can still produce eggs for fertilisation to take place. Hope this helps.
    Dr. Yan Y T
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  8. PCN GP Annual Grand Conference 2020

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  10. Dear @sandra You should not be pregnant as you had your period after your intercourse. Fertilisation happens mid- menstrual cycle which is usually 14 days after your menses. It might also be reassuring to know that ella is effective 5 days post intercourse and your pregnancy test is negative. So you should not become pregnant based on the recent sexual intercourse. Hope this helps. 
    Dr. Yan Y T
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  12. Dear @dylanojh Folliculitis is due to inflammation of hair follicles.  It can be due to bacteria, virus or even fungus. Folliculitis is not a sign of allergy but it indicates poor skin health.

    You might wish to refer to my previous article on maskne on some tips of skin self care and treatments available for acne.

    Hope this helps.
    Dr. Yan Y T
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  14. Dear @catarina-mayer If you are feeling extremely stressed your sleep might be disrupted. You might wish to do some breathing exercises or engage in relaxation therapy to reduce your stress. If you feel that you are feeling extremely anxious, mood constantly low and sleep remains poor, you might wish to consult a doctor.
    Dr. Yan Y T
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  19. Hi @andrewlim_11,
    Do you strain when you pass motion and urinate? The lower abdominal pain may result from an excessive rise in intra-abdominal pressure from straining. Occasionally it can also be because of abdominal wall conditions like hernia, urinary tract conditions like prostate enlargement or intestinal conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome. If your symptoms are recurrent and are bothering you, it's best to get it checked by a medical doctor. 
    Dr. Lee F J
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  21. Its a difficult problem. Cartilage is the holy grail of orthopaedics - it has no regenerative capacity and once damaged, is almost always progressive. We  proactively diagnose cartilage defects and treat them to try and slow down progressive worsening, damage elsewhere to the joint and of course reduce pain and swelling caused by cartilage damage. 

    Dr Gowreeson
    Dr. Gowreeson T
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  24. PCN GP Annual Grand Conference 2020