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Published11 November 2020

How AskDr works: for Doctors

AskDr is a digital health platform aiming to improve access to reliable health information, launched in February 2020 in response to the COVID-19 related "Infodemic", as dubbed by WHO

The components of AskDr

AskDr provides closed, doctor-only portals (called “Rounds”) as well as a public-facing portal (called “Spaces”). The doctor-only portal "Rounds" facilitates clinical discussions around health topics, webinars, knowledge sharing and professional networking. The public-facing portal "Spaces" provides volunteer doctors scalable tools to address online medical misinformation, help allay health-related concerns of the public, and project their expertise online.

Our commitment to Doctors

AskDr is committed to amplifying the voice of healthcare providers as a reliable counter measure to online medical misinformation. Therefore, with doctors in mind, our platform is designed to give healthcare providers control of their information, account, as well as transparency in the way they engage the public. These include the following key functionalities;

1. Control

Doctors have control over their profile in settings. They are able to manage their profiles both in terms of content (background, achievements, personal web page, etc) and reviews (can be switched on or off by provider independently, default setting to off).

2. Freedom to disassociate

Doctors can request for their AskDr profile to be removed at any point in time. Do note that profile removal will result in loss of access to protected components of the platform that require verified doctor accounts to access, such as “Rounds” or details of medical webinars for providers. The next control feature provides an alternative for those keen to partake in “Rounds” and continue their access to doctor-only features and information, while suspending any public-facing engagement or activities.

3. Profile visibility

Providers can manage their profile visibility to the public should they choose to publicly disassociate with the platform, but want to continue being able to access “Rounds” and restricted information and features for verified doctors or have seamless sign-ups for medical webinars without having to re-enter their information.

4. Other Doctor functionalities

Verified healthcare providers have added administrative privileges such as "flagging" of inappropriate, inaccurate, or promotional content, should they choose. Such content will then be subject to further investigations led by the team. Verified healthcare provider accounts also have access to the free editorial engine to post health education articles for the public based on their areas of interest and expertise.