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Acne Mechanica: Causes and Treatment of ‘Maskne’

in:Coronavirus COVID-19published:26 Nov 2020, last updated:04 Feb 2021

What is Acne Mechanica?

Acne Mechanica is a subtype of Acne Vulgaris that occurs due to friction and pressure on the skin, causing the hair follicle to be clogged. Maskne is an informal term of Acne Mechanica that is attributed to wearing of masks, which causes friction and pressure over the area of the face covered by mask. In this article, we will cover different treatments for acne mechanica and share tips on how to prevent them!

Symptoms of acne mechanica

Acne mechanica presents similarly like acne vulgaris. They appear as inflamed bumps such as papules, pustules or nodules on the face or other parts of the body. You might feel itchy, painful or notice pus in some of them.