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My son had sore throat and fever of 38.1 last Thu. Fever subsided on same day after taking paracetamol and leftose. Started coughing with phlegm next day. Still having slight cough.

We didn’t bring him to see doctor last Fri since his fever subsided.  Kept him at home and didn’t allow him to go school since it was almost weekend. He was still coughing slightly and sounded different on Mon morning, so we kept him at home another day. We gave him fluimucil to clear his phlegm and he was feeling better with not much cough by Mon night. Do you think there is a need for him to see a doctor on Tue? Can he go back to school?
Dr. Adnaan S
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Hi @NIG . Thanks for your question!

In this situation if his symptoms are improved I would say it is alright for him to return to school. Given the onset of symptoms from last thursday, he would have been given 5 days MC if he saw a doctor which means it would have lasted until today (tuesday, return to school on wednesday). Though if he still has a slight cough, it may be prudent to bring him to see a doctor to get an MC for the next few days (given the current COVID situation).  Overall, the progression of his symptoms sound quite typical of the general flu at present. Hope this helps! 

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Thank you Dr. Adnaan S for your reply! Feel much relieved to hear that!