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How much do I need to exercise a week to keep fit?

I am currently working a desk job, and I do not have much time to exercise even though I would like to. What is the minimum number of hours I need to exercise a week to keep fit?
Dr. Tan Y S .
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Dear @jaey  I totally feel you! I have never managed to make time to exercise while I was in training to be a specialist. Now ironically, even though I'm busier with a young family, a private practice, and other professional work- I find that I need to MAKE time, to maintain some minimal fitness s I enter middle age.

Most healthcare organisations advise, 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days a week.

I think the challenge is how to fit that into a daily schedule. May I list down some ideas for you to consider? Examples-

1. Walk down and walk up flights of stairs (as many as you can tolerate) daily
2. Walk more- eg from MRT to office, from office to buy lunch
3. At the desk: stand up and stretch every hour or so, try doing 10 squats as well
4. At home, can do 10-20 burpees before dinner

Whatever you choose, start slow, and slowly build up as you gain more confidence. All the best in your fitness journey!

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